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Kindergarten #7 in Armavir City – Raised $5,038


Numerous Alpha Epsilon Omega brothers traveled to Armenia from June to July 2006 for three weeks. During this time, they gave a helping hand to Kindergarten #7 located in the city of Armavir. The brothers provided all kinds of essential supplies, which were made possible with Alpha Epsilon Omega Foundation raisers. Alpha Epsilon Omega brothers wanted to do everything possible to make the educational process more delightful for the Kindergarten students. Supplies included: desks/tables, chairs, beds, bed sheets, towels, toys, piano, electric oven, writing material, kitchen glassware, etc. They also gave thirty graduating Kindergarten students new backpacks filled with school supplies and toys. All the supplies will help students be more productive, help the instructors provide better education, and help the youth grow up in a better environment.

Furthermore, the Armenian Educational Relief Foundation created a contract with the Kindergarten director, the city auditor, and an Alpha Epsilon Omega representative. The contract acknowledged the quantity of supplies that were/was donated and the cost. The contract will also guarantee the city auditor that the supplies are not misplaced or misused. Click here to view the contract.

In addition, Alpha Epsilon Omega brothers accompanied forty kindergarten students to the zoo in Yerevan City. Along with the field trip, they provided food and drinks. The students and the faculty had an incredible time at the zoo.


  • Kindergarten name: Kindergarten #7
  • Located in: Armavir, Hanrapetutyan 20
  • Established in: 1975
  • Number of students: 80
  • Faculty: 17
  • There are a total of 12 kindergartens in the City of Armavir.
  • Principal: Gayane Aghadganyan
  • Accountant: Nvard Hakobyan

The kindergarten is divided into four groups, 20 students per group. It is in session for only nine months a year because the city cannot provide heating fuel during the winter.


  • Alexander Abramyan
  • Smbat Shmavonyan
  • Artur Mkrtchyan
  • Aram Defterderian
  • Harut Varuzhanyan
  • Ara Matthewsian
  • Narek Zohrabyan
  • Oganes J. Ovsepian
  • Gevorg Ablabutyan
  • Avo Tngrian
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