Artsakh Fund


In lieu of recent events in the Nagorno Karabakh \ Artsakh Republic (NKR), AEO Foundation started the new Artsakh Fund.
The Fund is tasked with acquiring and delivering humanitarian aid, mostly medical supplies and equipment to the areas of NKR that require it the most.
We work hand in hand with other Armenian organizations that have personnel on the ground and contacts with the local hospitals in the affected areas, and can direct the incoming supplies dynamically to the most affected areas.

Your help is IMMENSELY appreciated and NEEDED. Now is the time to act. The enemy has more or less stopped the major offensive operations. As history has shown us, that relative calm can turn into a storm in matter of hours.

Please do not hesitate to donate. Our fellow Armenians are bravely defending our historic homeland. The least we can do is make sure that they have their medical needs taken care of.

The cost of freedom is a heavy one, and unfortunately deaths and injuries can not be avoided. Let us all help.

Donations are 100% tax deductible.


Or you can follow the link and donate today.